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Exeter SEO helps men from t’North

Although based in Exeter (sorry Topsham), DesignCredo are getting great SEO results for their northern customers.
Techserv, the plasma cutting machine company from West Yorkshire continue to get good Google results with their new website designed by Design Credo.

Mike Cowley of Techserv says:

Good to note that if I search for plasma machine in the uk we are number 1 and number 6 everywhere else

Techserv have previously used paid campaigns to improve SEO (search engine optimisation), but with Design Credo we are looking at ‘organic marketing’, basically, ensuring great search results through good website design.

Techserv website

Techserv website

Through ensuring appropriate page design and content DesignCredo create websites that perform for our clients. Techserv has a machine suitable for schools and colleges, so it is sensible SEO practice to ensure that a Google search of ‘plasma+cutter+education’ will put Techserv on the front page. This of course is what happens, currently they are top of the page which is an added bonus.

All round we are pleased to report that even in these early weeks the Techserv site is producing the goods, there have been a number of solid sales enquiries through the site and this is what it is all about.

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