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Energy seems to have totally left me to be replaced by “full body ache”.

I came close to getting a little Mac Mini earlier today but backed out. it was a neat little old thing and probably would have done the job. All I need is something to work as an FTP server which to be honest I don’t really need. The old Digital Audio is doing the job but is annoyingly noisy. The Mini came with some potentially useful little bits, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse etc. Anyway it didn’t happen.

A friend phoned up out of the blue with a PC failure. I don’t really ‘do’ PC’s but fortunately her’s seemed to  be on the way to rewinding itself to the point when  it went naughty on her. If only all life were as easy.

I seem to be suffering a bit of a more you know – less you know moment.

(Yesterday has turned into today, soon to be tomorrow).

Went for a coffee with Mark, he said everyone is wiped out, thinks it’s the weather (grey & damp). I don’t know. I suspect that at some level I am learning which is tiring. My sleep apnoea  is clearly not good at the moment. There seems nothing worse than waking up feeling like you haven’t been to sleep. Clearly there are worse things, but it’s not good, neither is the dull hangover like headache. The bottom line is tiredness with a sense of guilt.

I swam this evening though, not a bad swim as it goes. It’s a funny thing swimming lanes, you share a space with a number of people, at fairly close proximity. There is a shared etiquette that helps. Occasionally people fail to adhere to the etiquette which is annoying, but when it works it works well, sharing space, activity, but not impinging on others.

I seem to have created a new category which is ’1′. This has appeared, I imagine through a mistaken key-stroke or something, I now need to work out how to get rid of it but Frankly, I can’t be asked (don’t call me Frankly).

I suspect it is time for sleep.

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