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A big thanks to Exe Valley Dataset. Even in this day of  digital speed I still get impressed. Christmas is always a time for prevarication for me, some may say my life is. I designed my company Christmas card weeks ago but was uncertain whether to get the print done.

Anyway a quick hit of the InDesign PDF button and the job was ready and sent via email at 12.39.

At 15.25 I received a further email to say that the print was ready, and you know it is rather good. A simple enough job, but with a large solid festive red that did alarm the printer. Even coverage though, nice 350gsm board, looks pukka.

All this isn’t rocket science of course but, sometimes I like to enjoy the ‘wow’ moment of it all working. This is probably another one for the ‘What Would Grandpa Make of This?’ test, I don’t know.

Now the difficult bit, signing and sending…

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