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Creating a glass effect vector button in Illustrator CS4

It’s not unreasonable that people assume that all images are created in Photoshop, most people would never have used vector forms and Bezier curves let alone used Illustrator. All I am trying to show here is that not everything is a bitmap.

As designers we regularly ask for a logo file and frequently get given a JPEG or worse still a GIF hastily dragged from the customer’s website. In the last couple of weeks I have re-drawn a few logos to create high quality ‘vector’ originals: ideally I would have been supplied them to save time and ensure consistency.

Some time ago we had a look at ways to edit and improve images online. There were a couple of posts that looked at improving bitmap images, principally JPEGS, but now it’s time to have a quick overview of vector images.

This is post intended primarily to give an overview of vector graphic forms. Using Illustrator CS4 you will get an insight into working in layers and the merits of vector artwork.

You can download the file used in this tutorial here

In the video mention is made of attaching text to paths, there is a bit more info from Adobe here though.

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