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Having just read an RSS feed about designing daily I am feeling a little pressured to at least write something here. The simple truth is that Christmas is the mother of all time thieves and there is only so much time. As I said the simple truth is…

It is a great suggestion, design something daily. When I first started ‘designing’ I used to make up projects as a way of developing skills. The bottom line is that I like designing, and taking photographs, and playing the guitar, and learning, (the list could continue). The reality is that the guitar hasn’t been picked up for a while and I have just taken the bicycle wheel to be sorted but although I am (rather sporadically) trying to maintain a swimming regime I couldn’t honestly say that I couldn’t squeeze a bit more in.

I have set myself a bit of a learning target with ”online / social” stuff. I’m sure there is a neat way to group all of this but time is short.

I don’t write enough, I have started writing these “blog ramblings” (that’s how Malcolm described them anyway), it is enjoyable, not terribly focussed and currently tainted with a sense of, ‘could be betterness’. I find I want to maintain it daily and feel some self induced guilt if I don’t, there is a fair dollop of that kicking around just now.

As well as that I have started trying to read more, I have set up a number of RSS feeds that are currently bombarding me with a huge amount of information that is both genuinely interesting and useful. I do again have a bit of anxiety about the feeds that I haven’t read, was there something of pivotal value and importance there?

And Twitter? On the face of it this is just a bit of fun,

That Ryan Air plane that slid off the runway today- they’ll probably charge extra for that……(Dom Jolly’s tweet).

Of course Twitter is so much more than that and there is a wealth of understanding, information and knowledge out there. I don’t know David Ansett or for that matter how he came to follow my Tweets but I have already learnt a huge amount by exploring his pages. I wrote to say so, he said “thanks for the Kudos”. I imagine, like me, he probably had a number of ideas about Kudos the brand.

I need to take a break, buy chestnuts, beetroot and nutcrackers, laters…

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