New WordPress Website for Kevil’s

Exeter based Design Credo are proud to announce the launch of a new WordPress website for Paignton based BMW custom bike builder Kevil’s Speed Shop.

When we first met Kev Hill he had just commissioned a website but in a brief time the site had become more of a liability than an asset by failing to communicate the sheer quality of his product. The old site can be viewd here.

The new Design Credo website has been designed to offer a good visual presentation of the bikes created by Kevil’s whilst also allowing a more detailed examination of the quality of the paint, parts and fabrication. The site is based on a responsive WordPress framework meaning that it will present differently on various viewing platforms such as tablets, smart-phones and of course full sized screens.
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New WordPress Site for H3D Exhibition Design

Stuart Hookway designs exhibitions, these are stunning, bright, engaging; sadly his old website wasn’t and Stuart knew it. Actually once you delved into the site there was evidence of Stuart’s tremendous abilities but they didn’t exactly ‘jump out’. Further to this the old site seems to have existed for many years without Google actually knowing about it.

More Than Just a Site

This has been a slightly unusual job for us, Stuart is after all a fine graphic designer in his own right so this is a situation where we work alongside in almost a consultancy role. Most of the content on the site has been prepared and uploaded by Stuart, this is how a WordPress site should work after all.

Design Credo have prepared the ground and:

  • Hosted the WordPress
  • Helped the customer set up a new email provision
  • Set the boundaries of the site and clarified its aims
  • Helped plan a suitable site-structure
  • Offered WordPress training
  • Advised about content specs for the site
  • Prepared graphics
  • Offered SEO training
  • Ensured proper visibility to major search engines

This list could go on.

The site is still being developed, Stuart is loving the involvement and is looking to engage his clients in the story. The next steps will be to develop the news section and utilise the the ease of syndication of these stories via:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter

WordPress Website For Park5 by Exeter’s Design Credo

Exeter website design company Design Credo have created a new WordPress website to promote the modern office suites available for rent at Park5 near the M5 J30 Exeter.

Park5 benefits from a superb location at the gateway to Exeter with a great proximity to: transport routes, local commerce on Sowton, local facilities.

Karen Brookes-Ferrari has again joined the Design Credo team working on copy and content. Companies involved in the overall project include Tiger Developments, Alder King and Haarer Goss.

The WordPress platform is used to allow the clients access to regularly update the site with news and developments. Search engine optimisation is of vital importance to any site; WordPress based sites perform very well in searches. In a competitive market a site that can be found by search engines will ultimately reap dividends. As part of the upgrade search engine (301) re-directs are of course set up to link old page addresses to the new ones.

New WordPress Site For London’s Louise Selby

Design Credo of Exeter have just published a new WordPress website for award winning wedding dress designer Louise Selby of Kew, London.

Having seen other sites created by us for bespoke and couture wedding dress designers Louise contacted us to create a replacement for her existing site as well as re-design her print materials.

Across the board everything about Louise is sheer quality so it was great to be working with a great collection of fresh photographs by Nobu Yamaguchi. The images worked equally well in both print and on screen and were part of a wider collection of core material including a library of press cuttings and a fabulous collection of stories from her clients. These features show the stories of the real-brides and speak volumes about the relationship that Louise has with her customers.

The website is designed to be updated easily particularly with new stories from both the real-brides and wider news stories as they happen. As part of the package we offer ongoing support and training in the use of the WordPress interface.

New Exeter Commercial Photography Website

Exeter Commercial Professional Photography Website

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Hot on the heels of launching Hazelwood’s new holiday website (based on the WordPress platform) we have now launched a new Exeter commercial photography website at andrewbutler.net, again based on WordPress.

Great SEO Results Already

As with this DesignCredo site the three sites show what a range of visual approaches are available with WordPress. Andrew Butler’s Exeter photography site has been developed to offer great access to a wide range of photographic subjects. However it is not all about visuals, this site offers simply astounding SEO results showing dramatic returns within a day of being made available to Google.

Last month’s readership of this (Design Credo) blog surpassed the record set the previous month, and last week we experienced a record (weekly) high. We are looking to broaden our appeal and add value with the new photography website.

Holiday Website for Hazelwood Park in South Devon

Exeter based Design Credo have just helped Hazelwood Holiday Park launch their new WordPress based website and it seems to have hit the ground running,

The hits have gone massive now and the brochure requests have gone mad too. We don’t normally get this many. Juliet Chenery - Hazelwood Director

Employing the re-worked visual branding developed by us and previously used in the company brochure, the new WordPress website now completes the family.

Why WordPress?

Hazelwood’s previous website was self-developed. Design Credo sought to build on the strengths of the existing site whilst making improvements including,

  • Stronger and more appropriate visual branding
  • Simplified navigation
  • More prominent routes to the booking system
  • Ease of use for the team at Hazelwood

By setting up the site well for them, the team Hazelwood are able to make maximum change for minimum input. The news section is used to update the site with regular categorised updates which then get filtered and also appear on the relevant pages throughout the site. Further to this the news can be relayed via Twitter and Facebook both of which employ graphics provided by Design Credo. Of course by design WordPress is very ‘pushy’ and offers tremendously quick response times to appear on Google searches. There is little point in late news.

User Friendly is a Must!

Hazelwood Holiday (Devon) website by Design Credo of Exeter

At Design Credo we have regularly met clients who have purchased website with content management systems that they quite simply cannot use resulting in a static websites that never get updated.

We feel that WordPress offers a user friendly interface. As part of the process Design Credo coach their customers in the WordPress platform and after the site-launch offer ongoing support. However in this instance the proof of the pudding was when the customer commented that we ‘hadn’t noticed the new pages (that they had created).’ A number of the pages on the site including the pricing page were created by Juliet Chenery without any input from Design Credo, and this is our desired end-game, the customer taking ownership of the site. Ultimately the site belongs to the customer not us.

As part of the launch of the site Design Credo have provided suitable re-directs to ensure that previous Google search listing are not wasted. In addition we advise on how to get the maximum SEO benefit from appropriate page post writing. Hopefully we can save money on the Ad Word spend too.

I guess the bottom line is that we view a website as a machine that should work for you.


It’s always nice when people say nice things about you;

Hazelwood Holiday Park has worked with Andrew over the last year redesigning our print and web media. A website redesign is what we required but it soon became apparent that our image needed an update. We are extremely happy with the results – our new logo, corporate stationery, brochure and website. Within hours our new website was out performing the previous one with more brochure requests in a day than we used to have in a week. We have full control over the content of our new wordpress website including a blog which helps with our social media posts.
Juliet Chenery – Hazelwood Director