Classic Bike Guide – Seven Page Spread

Great to get the Kevil’s seven page spread in this month’s Classic Bike Guide, it seems like an age since we did this shoot

The new format bike magazine is published in the UK by Mortons Media and is edited by Gary Pinchin, it’s available in all good news stores, I got my copy from Smiths after the tense visit to the dentist earlier! Came home to find a counter copy and commission order waiting (nice).

Good quote by Kev;

I started this business building bikes myself, but I’m so busy now. I get 30 emails a day and we have 1000 hits a day on the website.

Design Credo created the WordPress website for Kevil’s featuring photography by Andrew Butler. Actually a bit low on the hit count Kev but no complaints really.

So Busy Sam Shut the Site Down!

Customer Feedback

I used Andrew Butler at DesignCredo as an SEO service and to look over my website. I already had a DIY package website which was ok but cluttered and on about page one thousand when you google searched my business. As a bespoke wedding stationer and a sole trader it was vital that brides could find me when Googling key wedding words.

Andrew completely transformed my website. For a modest fee he helped me to quadruple my business within weeks. He de-cluttered my website, suggested content, set key words and introduced me to social media for business. I followed all his tips to the letter and almost instantly I was found on the front page of Google every time.

In the last 6 months (as I temporarily wind down the business to do an MA) I have ceased all other marketing, such as wedding fairs and magazine articles, and I still consistently get inundated with enquiries. They all say “we found your website, it looks fantastic! Can you do…….?”

I can’t thank Andrew Butler enough. I recommend his service wholeheartedly.
Sam Aspden SamAspdenDesigns


Only issue……I’ve shut down (under construction) website as I’m fully booked till August, starting MA in September and couldn’t manage the constant enquiries I was having to turn down! Nice!

For the record Sam was a bit of a start pupil, she asked what else she could do on a limited budget herself and we suggested she set up a free WordPress blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Remembering that she couldn’t be found on Google even by her own name this has to be viewed as a result!

Design Credo website brings in £250K order

One of our longstanding customers has described his website created by Design Credo as his top sales tool, in one instance a £250,000 order.

Managing director of Techserv Cutting Systems Ltd, Mike Cowley, said the order, worth a quarter of a million pounds, was generated entirely through their website.

Many of our customers are overseas and unable to visit our factory. A good, up-to-date website with great photos is essential,

Our investment in the Techserv website paid itself off within the first two months and is well worth doing. 30% of sales are generated through our website alone and it is a very low cost and effective sales tool.

Mike Cowley Techserv

Sales Generated From Kevil’s WordPress

A blustery and ultimately snow swept moment at Torquay marina earlier, photographing Kevil’s Amigo BMW café racer. I think this one is going to a warmer place, Bolivia.

Anyway, nice to hear that the new WordPress website (by Design Credo) has already supplied a new commission for Kev, let’s look forward to a warmer shoot for that one.

The new Kevil’s website was launched over the Christmas period and Kev has only recently returned from a break in Cuba so it is satisfying to see sales start so early in the year,

Customer Feedback

It’s nice when out of the blue one gets an email to ask if it is ok to mention something like this in a post? So, to Stuart from H3D, his words, I had nothing to do with it. I guess the only thing he didn’t mention was that after we set the framework up Stuart did all of the leg-work of populating the pages;

What to do with the (old) H3D web site?

Andrew Butler from Design Credo said.

‘Stuart, I hope you don’t mind me saying, the work on your web site is great, (he was letting me down slowly) but the site is a bit …… well; disappointing.’

‘It is just a portfolio site really.’ Was my rather weak reply.

Ok I knew it hadn’t been updated for a while and it was kind of static. But Andrew’s comment and especially the “disappointing” word sealed the deal. I had heard the truth and something had to be done.

But what?

We mainly design exhibition stands – the office is in South West UK on the Devon Cornwall border. Our clients are based all over the UK, some in Europe, some in the USA. We design and build for events all over the world. But there are other things we do as well and they should at least have a mention on the site. Shouldn’t they?

Deciding the old website needed throwing away was a simple decision, but the horrid task of deciding what it was replaced with was to come. Designing for other people and companies is so easy compared with DIY (Design It Yourself). Then there are all of the new must haves. A blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name a few. How does all of this stuff fit together and how do I make it all work? What to include? What tone should it and any writing have?

I wrote a list and drew a plan for the new site. Feeling very pleased with myself I took it to Andrew at Design Credo.

Andrew politely looked it over and then started from scratch. There was so much I had to learn.

The site is now done. Well, I say “done” but it will never really be done. It is an evolving animal with great potential. Andrew has been my sherpa up the mountain. He knew everything about the journey, but I had to walk it if I was ever going to continue alone. Dangerous tracks I was about to walk down had diversion signs placed at their start. Baggage was searched and thinned down. Encouragement was provided when the going got tough.

Going live was reaching the summit. Walking down and carrying on in the real world is now mainly my job. Although I still receive the odd call out of the blue with an encouraging word or sometimes a wrap on the knuckles.

If you need a new web site or even if you think you don’t … go and see Andrew Butler.

Oh, and I suppose I should also mention. Andrew has sorted out the site hosting, made our email work properly, is giving ongoing SEO training and will soon be doing the same for my wife’s new business. With my chosen searches H3D now features on the front page of Google and I can do the same for my clients and their projects.

Did We Mention Design Credo’s New Site?

When this WordPress site first started it was a bit of a plaything, we used it to test ideas, plugins sometimes a bit of a mess-around; we are still P1 on a Google search for Beyoncé+Exeter.

And sometimes we showed how success could bite; our Don’t Call Me Shortly caused so much interest that we set up a Tumblr to offer a soft landing place for people to bounce to.

Now it is time for a new Design Credo WordPress website.

A Tighter Focus

Earlier in 2012 we set up the new AndrewButler.net site to offer a better platform to view (and sell) our photography. We are pleased to report that December 2012 was both the highest viewing month for the photography site as well as the month with the greatest total number of visits for both sites.

This site is intended to provide a much tighter focus for the design related aspects of our work.

Work In Progress

The new Design Credo site is deliberately stripped down and simplified. Built on a responsive WordPress platform it will display differently on various viewing platforms such as smart-phones, tablets and full sized screens. We are still uploading folio items so don’t expect this site not to change over the coming days and months.