New WordPress Site For London’s Louise Selby

Design Credo of Exeter have just published a new WordPress website for award winning wedding dress designer Louise Selby of Kew, London.

Having seen other sites created by us for bespoke and couture wedding dress designers Louise contacted us to create a replacement for her existing site as well as re-design her print materials.

Across the board everything about Louise is sheer quality so it was great to be working with a great collection of fresh photographs by Nobu Yamaguchi. The images worked equally well in both print and on screen and were part of a wider collection of core material including a library of press cuttings and a fabulous collection of stories from her clients. These features show the stories of the real-brides and speak volumes about the relationship that Louise has with her customers.

The website is designed to be updated easily particularly with new stories from both the real-brides and wider news stories as they happen. As part of the package we offer ongoing support and training in the use of the WordPress interface.

New Exeter Commercial Photography Website

Exeter Commercial Professional Photography Website

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Hot on the heels of launching Hazelwood’s new holiday website (based on the WordPress platform) we have now launched a new Exeter commercial photography website at, again based on WordPress.

Great SEO Results Already

As with this DesignCredo site the three sites show what a range of visual approaches are available with WordPress. Andrew Butler’s Exeter photography site has been developed to offer great access to a wide range of photographic subjects. However it is not all about visuals, this site offers simply astounding SEO results showing dramatic returns within a day of being made available to Google.

Last month’s readership of this (Design Credo) blog surpassed the record set the previous month, and last week we experienced a record (weekly) high. We are looking to broaden our appeal and add value with the new photography website.

Holiday Website for Hazelwood Park in South Devon

Exeter based Design Credo have just helped Hazelwood Holiday Park launch their new WordPress based website and it seems to have hit the ground running,

The hits have gone massive now and the brochure requests have gone mad too. We don’t normally get this many. Juliet Chenery - Hazelwood Director

Employing the re-worked visual branding developed by us and previously used in the company brochure, the new WordPress website now completes the family.

Why WordPress?

Hazelwood’s previous website was self-developed. Design Credo sought to build on the strengths of the existing site whilst making improvements including,

  • Stronger and more appropriate visual branding
  • Simplified navigation
  • More prominent routes to the booking system
  • Ease of use for the team at Hazelwood

By setting up the site well for them, the team Hazelwood are able to make maximum change for minimum input. The news section is used to update the site with regular categorised updates which then get filtered and also appear on the relevant pages throughout the site. Further to this the news can be relayed via Twitter and Facebook both of which employ graphics provided by Design Credo. Of course by design WordPress is very ‘pushy’ and offers tremendously quick response times to appear on Google searches. There is little point in late news.

User Friendly is a Must!

Hazelwood Holiday (Devon) website by Design Credo of Exeter

At Design Credo we have regularly met clients who have purchased website with content management systems that they quite simply cannot use resulting in a static websites that never get updated.

We feel that WordPress offers a user friendly interface. As part of the process Design Credo coach their customers in the WordPress platform and after the site-launch offer ongoing support. However in this instance the proof of the pudding was when the customer commented that we ‘hadn’t noticed the new pages (that they had created).’ A number of the pages on the site including the pricing page were created by Juliet Chenery without any input from Design Credo, and this is our desired end-game, the customer taking ownership of the site. Ultimately the site belongs to the customer not us.

As part of the launch of the site Design Credo have provided suitable re-directs to ensure that previous Google search listing are not wasted. In addition we advise on how to get the maximum SEO benefit from appropriate page post writing. Hopefully we can save money on the Ad Word spend too.

I guess the bottom line is that we view a website as a machine that should work for you.


It’s always nice when people say nice things about you;

Hazelwood Holiday Park has worked with Andrew over the last year redesigning our print and web media. A website redesign is what we required but it soon became apparent that our image needed an update. We are extremely happy with the results – our new logo, corporate stationery, brochure and website. Within hours our new website was out performing the previous one with more brochure requests in a day than we used to have in a week. We have full control over the content of our new wordpress website including a blog which helps with our social media posts.
Juliet Chenery – Hazelwood Director

London’s Perfume River new Look Website

London’s Perfume River have launched their new look website featuring the logo designed by Exeter’s Design Credo.

The Perfume River website is an update of their existing site created by Eyemyweb. As part of the original logo work Design Credo was asked to advise Perfume River’s Owner Ha Ngo about how to move the site on.

Ha Ngo contacted Design Credo as a referral from an existing client, Sarah Treble whose website we had recently re-developed. Although we create websites, on this occasion our advise was to stick with the existing supplier (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) but radically simplify the styling. In essence we were suggesting that a much stronger use of ‘white’ would be appropriate an give the site added ‘freshness.’ In addition we suggested that each page should start with a strong ‘hero’ image.

It is always nice to see advice taken, implemented and developed. A couple of our discussion concepts are shown below.

Perfume River Web Concepts by Design Credo

Web Hosting from Exeter’s Design Credo

Exeter based Design Credo have once again brought web-hosting in-house.

WordPress website design specialists DesignCredo have made this move in order to ensure high quality stable web-hosting and security for their sites.

Website technology continues to move forward and with it the hosting needs develop. As with any website, WordPress sites work best if kept lean and trim. But, by their very nature, they frequently offer a huge amount of functionality and on occasions this does require slightly more complex hosting needs to ensure all of the plugins and add-ons work appropriately.

Protect Your Assets

It is easy to get caught unprepared; In the last year we have helped customers out who have lost their websites due to their existing suppliers ‘going to the wall’. As matter of course we regularly back-up sites for our customers and on more than one occasion this practice enabled upload a replacement site to temporary space when the existing hosting had vanished. We have also helped people out who have lost their domains through the years.

Whoever is hosting your site we would urge you to ensure you regularly back up your website and any databases that the site may rely on.

The problem to any interruption of service is that there may be a knock-on effect with search engines such as Google. These search engines regularly visit sites to see if they have changed, if so the sites are re-indexed (it’s a bit like a massive stock check.) The problem is that if Google visits your site and your hosting has failed the search engine will probably assume that the site has disappeared, as such it will no longer be listed in search engines. If this happens the lead time to getting a site re-listed can be weeks, running into months. Of course Design Credo have a few tricks up their sleeves to expedite this process but it is one situation where even we would be loathed to offer a firm guarantee.
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New Mini-Site For Park5 by Design Credo of Exeter

Park 5 Website by Design Credo of Exeter

Exeter website design company Design Credo have created a new mini website to promote the modern office suites available for rent at Park5 near the M5 J30 Exeter.

Park5 benefits from a superb location at the gateway to Exeter with a great proximity to: transport routes, local commerce on Sowton, local facilities.

Companies involved in the overall project include Tiger Developments, Alder King and Haarer Goss.

The mini-site website is a quick loading liquid design based on a Matthew James Taylor layout. This fluid structure is quick to load and is tried and tested on the troublesome IE6 browser (many ‘corporates’ are still stuck in the IE6 dark ages). In addition code is structured to allow content important for SEO to appear towards the top of the page.

Search Engine Optimisation is of vital importance to any site. In a competitive market a site that can be found by search engines will ultimately reap dividends.

As part of this project DesignCredo have also undertaken:

[list style="orb" color="red"]

  • Location photography
  • Brochure/folder design
  • Print management
  • Signage design


The website is deliberately designed to be a fast-loading mini-site and is part of a package that Design Credo are able to offer to commercial property agents, property developments and asset management companies.