New Commercial Property Mini-Website For Renslade House by Exeter’s Design Credo

Renslade Website

Renslade House Website

Exeter based Design Credo have created a new mini website to promote the superb office space available for rent at Renslade House, Exe Bridges in central Exeter.

Renslade House has recently benefitted from a refurbishment which is echoed by the new “Podium” brand design by Design Credo. This brand has already been applied to the recent brochure that we have designed for Renslade House. DesignCredo have also undertaken the location photography for this project.

Companies involved in the overall project include Urbina, Turner Locker and Alder King.

The website is a quick loading liquid design based on a Matthew James Taylor layout. This fluid structure is quick to load and is tried and tested on the troublesome IE6 browser. In addition code is structured to allow content important for SEO to appear towards the top of the page.

Search Engine Optimisation is of vital importance to any site. In a competitive market a site that can be found by search engines will ultimately reap dividends.

Advertising Commercial Office Space in Exeter

Turner-Locker Sign, Marsh Barton, Exeter

Turner-Locker Sign, Marsh Barton, Exeter

Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced new signage to advertise commercial office space in Marsh Barton, Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker the Exeter based commercial property agency, Design Credo have used a strong visual impact to promote the office space at Merriot House in Hennock Road Central.

The sign was created using both digital output and vinyl graphics allowing it to be re-purposed at a later date.

Sunny Day in Topsham, Devon

Lexington Hat

Sunny Summer

No real reason for posting this other than I like it. I took the photo yesterday for a customer in Topsham as part of an ongoing website development.

So there it is, a sunny hat on a sunny day.

Words are The Key

Keyword visual metaphorOK so I have spent a lot of time talking about search engine marketing and its various aspects. However this is all of limited use unless we understand the value and importance of text, particularly keywords.

Let me make it clear from the start when I say keywords, I am referring to text that appears in the

  1. Page Titles (Meta Tag)
  2. H1 tags
  3. Body text (in particular text toward the page top)
  4. Meta Tag Keywords
  5. Meta Tag Descriptions

At Design Credo we have a number of hats available to wear, graphic design, photography, website design and of increasingly greater prominence SEO or search engine optimisation particularly for companies in Exeter, Devon and the South West. So, when we write for our own websites we need to mention these creative skills.

In essence we are trying to pre-judge what our potential clients might type on when using a search engine, particularly Google, when looking to access the services that we provide. Google still has the strongest market share but this doesn’t mean that we are oblivious to the likes of Bing and Yahoo though.
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Citroën DS3: Seen in Exeter

Citroën ds3

Citroën ds3

Seen in Exeter, at first sight the Citroën DS3 certainly attracts interest.

Share This but don’t Share ess eee ohh

share this logo

Share this is great but could anyone answer this?

In this WordPress blog I use the “Share This” plugin on. However I have noticed that if I put SEO in the blog title the Share This button doesn’t work, see;

http://designcredo.co.uk/sites/wordpress/2010/03/06/seo-test/ (SEO in the title),


http://designcredo.co.uk/sites/wordpress/2010/03/06/abs-test/ (Exactly the same post with ABS replacing SEO in the title)

Is there an innocent reason for this?