Christmas Card Time

It’s that time of the year. I said I wasn’t going to do it (forcefully too) and then I went and did it. Yep, Christmas cards, and made I them myself too, with a bit of help from Stormpress that is.

Well, the story was Mark asked me to pop in and take some photos of when the Velo Vinatge crew hit Barnfield Crescent couple of weeks back. The light had all but gone so unusually (for me) one of the Nikon SB 910s came to the rescue and then Emily, a visitor to these parts, ‘created the moment’. Once I saw the image I had to eat my words (well I’d already had a pie) and do the card.

The difficult part was finding out who the subject was, it seemed rude not to ask permission, but Emily seemed happy enough and even asked me to send her a few.

The process was all Creative Cloud based – Lightroom > Photoshop > InDesign > PDF and a quick email to Stormpress, I reckon it took Tristan 2 hours to have them printed, packed and supplied with envelopes too.

It turn’s out they would have printed the mailing labels as well but no, we love spending the weekend delving into the intricacies of Filemaker templates. Lifelong learning folks.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

2014-12-18 14.07.44

New Brand for Mode FP by Design Credo

Design Credo have created new visual branding for Mode-FP a company working within the personal financial planning sector; Mode’s registered offices are in the midlands. The project was timed to enable Mode to launch newly branded services at a recent conference both in print and on screen.

The design process involved communicating and liaising with the Mode team throughout the UK to agree on logo designs, colour-ways and materials. Early applications of the brand have been printed stationery and folders as well as digital templates to carry the design through to all deliverables such as presentations and PDFs. Initial materials have been printed locally in Exeter by StormPress. Further to this Design Credo are working to create and manage online resources.

Although Mode are a Mac based team they recognise the need for all output to have cross-platform compatibility and Design Credo have worked closely with Mode to ensure that all assets work well in both the PC and Mac environments.

New Brochure and Print For Louise Selby

Exeter’s Design Credo have produced new print materials for London’s award winning wedding dress designer Louise Selby.

Louise contacted us to update her existing website; the new site was launched recently to a glowing reception. The website and print were produced to coincide with last weekend’s Designer Wedding Show.

The print consisted of a six page brochure which was printed alongside a small business/appointment card. By printing these items together Louise benefitted both from cost savings when compared to printing the items separately and a much higher spec of business card. The print was very much photo-based using the wonderful images that Nobu Yamaguchi had recently taken for Louise.

Wincanton Print printed the materials using Heidleberg presses, offering the option of a press pass to check the print on press.

Press Pass

I have always loved print shops but strangely never really attended a piece of my work being printed. So it was a great treat for me to nip along the A303 to Wincanton Press and watch a brochure start to run through the press.

Pulling up I was immediately greeted, welcomed and engaged in conversation with Ian the production director about my BMW R1200GS. He has the newer version, we both recognised that whilst it is a fantastic bike the truth is there are only a few bikes that men of a certain age are allowed to ride. Simon joined us sadly now without his lovely Aprilia but the keeper of a neat looking Greaves. Hey ho, time to get inside the building, there is a huge chunk of Heidleberg 75XL waiting to run some print. Once inside further discussions about the merits of the Honda SP2 (Castrol livery) with the staff in the estimating room, oh yes. Wincanton partner with Prodrive so I was expecting conversation to be more Aston Martin focussed but then I don’t actually own an Aston.

This was the tour, well equipped studio, lots of Macs, neat and tidy, then lovely Agfa computer to plate setup, tipping out plates quicker than an office photocopier, then the noise and smell of the print shop floor. Two generously sized Heidleberg 75XL presses with all that one might hope to find to finish the job in-house. And of course the little old Heidleberg Platen sat in the corner now cutting rather than printing.

My proofs were on the table, the Fedrigoni paper was loaded in the press and soon the first pass was through the various stations and out the back of the press waiting to be released from the cage. Good, looks nice, maybe a little more warmth? No problem we’ll dial in 10% more yellow. I could never be a printer though, there is no way I could carry such a huge stack of paper back to the other end of the press without dropping it. Actually I could’nt pick it up in the first place, paper is heavy.

I’ve said it before, there’s huge financial investment in print houses, this is a 24 hour establishment, this machinery needs to keep printing, day and night, night and day. And it is refreshing to witness a busy establishment but one that finds time to welcome customers on what is in truth a relatively small job. But the litho is only part of it, there is a full compliment of digi print facility in a shed down the road with some awesome ways to cut things out.

For now though I am happy that this job is in good hands, and as I sit here hours later I wonder if the sheets have been backed up yet. Somewhere there is a small palette with my job on it, amongst all the others.

The journey home was briefly a shared experience with someone else on a GS (adventure) before I pulled off to visit Annie’s cafe on the A303. It was on telly you know and in a book, you buy the book there, real paper, real ink.

Hazelwood Holiday Park Brochure Print


OK, let’s cut to the chase, I love getting print back from the printers. Yes, it still feels like getting my exam results but I love it. Currently the office reeks of print and to me at least that is great news.

Design Credo have up-dated the annual brochure for Hazelwood Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren, South Devon. This latest brochure is part of a wider project for Hazelwood, we previously reported on the updating of their logo and brand. This brochure implements the updated logo and branding, at the same time the copy has been re-written by Samantha Shaw.
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Graphic Design Can Change Your Life: Vimeo

There are many many people who I have utter respect for. Beyond that there are others who I am more than a little in awe of. Erik Spiekermann is someone in this latter group. I guess though, that this page was exactly what I exactly what I expected and merely serves to reinforce my respect.

It is easy to overlook typeface design, this video (more of a mini-documentary really) gives a great insight into the process.

Erik Spiekermann talking with Gestalten TV about the process of designing typefaces. Listen to him finding handy analogies to music, the rhythm of spaces and the silence between characters.

edenspiekermann Vimeo