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Thank you so much to the people of Moto-Verso for their kind words;

It’s one thing making a fantastic looking custom motorcycle but it’s completely pointless unless you can capture the original vision in an image. It’s not as easy as you would think, if you go outside and take a photograph of your bike and then compare then to the images below, it really does take a special eye and a love for the subject your are photographing.

It was a nice post-Christmas present to see their post about my motorcycle photography.

Kevil’s at the Rio Paignton

A quick (GS) trip down to Paignton on a bright but chilly winter’s morning leave one finger tonally different to the others and a severe possibility that the planned photo shoot may have started from a transit at the side of the A380.

Two naughty boys strapped to the trailer and ready to go to the beach only the dog walkers ready to spoil surprisingly good conditions. Yep: the Leica, Kev with the Lastolite, Ally with the coffee, the man with the mate in America, the Doberman, the Alsation, the boy with his mum, the boy with the wave board, the man who had to take a call and the annoyed lady who is always annoyed.


Amsterdam photographed by Andrew Butler

A few days away visiting friends in Amsterdam; it rained, then it rained some more. It took a while to get into this place coming from the British approach to cycling, and yes I did witness more than one bit of cycle-rage. A great place to visit though, Stedelijk was fantastic, art, design and craft blending together.

A place to return to definitely.

More Amsterdam photos

There are more Amsterdam shots on the Tumblr

Kevil’s Bike Photos for BMW Motorräder Magazine by Andrew Butler

Sounds like a re-run but it is again pleasing to see the Kevil’s BMW shots featuring so well in the German bike press. This time in the BMW Motorräder magazine which is a sister magazine of MO. Again Maik Schwarz has done a great job with the layouts and a great feature on the BMW scrambler style customs.

The photographs of the BMW custom bikes were taken on locations in Devon using a Leica M9 camera with a small amount of post-processing in Lightroom. The request for images came at short notice and were again delivered via the Design Credo ftp service. However rather bizarrely they were uploaded from a Mac-book Pro whilst in the queue waiting to board a ferry at Dover. The upload connection was provided with a portable wi-fi hotspot on an HTC Sensation.

Kevil’s Bikes

MO Magazin Kevils BMW Photos by Andrew Butler

After the recent use of the Kevil’s Joker BMW shots by MCN in the UK it was great to have the Siren (srambler) BMW shots used in the German magazin MO.

As it goes I missed my copy of the magazine (delivered on the day we left the UK) so it was pleasing to be able to get a copy at Wengen train station in Switzerland!

It was great liaising with Maik Schwartz at MO. Fingers crossed for the next batch uploaded on the dock-side at Dover.

Kevil’s Siren, 1979 BMW R100 Scrambler Style Bike

More shots from the Paignton bike photoshoot last week, it seems like a lifetime ago after Goodwood. Seems like a busy week all-round, lots of interesting enquiries.

Anyway the story was we decided to get this one out of the yard and up to Kev’s mate’s quarry. Yes I know, most people settle for a garden. Funny thing was Kev forgot the key so he had to do the pushing.

So, the Kevil’s Speed Shop Siren is a 1979 BMW R100 scrambler style bike. Design Features include-

  • cherry red and graphite pearl custom paint work
  • Custom built high level exhaust system
  • Italian grips
  • Retro fit rocker covers
  • Fully upholstered seat
  • Braided fuel lines
  • Brushed stainless side panels
  • Mega silencer


This bike was designed and built for the English Actor Matt Bardock the star of the hit TV series casualty he is a paramedic in the program hence the name “Siren!”

Yes, I’ve only just read this, all makes sense really.

There are some other shots dropped in the gallery.