Leica M9 – einmaligkeit. If you miss the moment, it’s gone forever.

The Germans call it einmaligkeit, meaning that there is only one best instance in life when any particular photo can be made. In English we call it the decisive moment. In any language it means that your camera needs to fall away from your consciousness so that you can concentrate on your subject and capture that one moment in all eternity, for an eternity, and not be off dicking around looking for some lost menu item somewhere. If you miss the moment, it’s gone forever. The Leica photographer never misses his moment because his camera doesn’t weigh him down, doesn’t try to confuse him, and never gets in his way.

Ken Rockwell


Sometimes you post something and for yourself returning to it, in this instance I have because so many people have searched the term ‘einmaligkeit’.

As I read this short paragraph again it says so much about photography but, so much more too.

If you miss the moment, it’s gone forever.

Rolleiflex: Just Because


Just reminded myself of one of the old ones, the Rollieflex. There was a simplicity to these cameras that still appeals to this day, and also a certain beauty (to my eyes anyway).
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Man willing to look after Aston Martin

aston martin V10

Further to my last post about collecting the data, I have just noticed that a particular search string that has led people to this site is ‘youtube cigar smoking football players’. Imagine my surprise?

Sure enough if I throw this string back into Google I find my own site listed at number six.

Andrew Butler, Design, Photography, Topsham, Devon | Design Credo …

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So there you go, sometimes you don’t get what you expect but clearly I will now have improved the ranking of this search string by referencing it again.

With that in mind then,

  • Man willing to look after Aston Martin
  • Man would treasure a Leica M9
  • Man needs a Colnago Mexico
  • Once Again I Want a Leica

    At last some sun, some light and a chance to get out with the camera.

    There is something about photography that is very pleasing and whilst I try not to be too wrapped up with technology, the tactile nature of cameras cannot be denied.
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