MCN Use Kevils Photos by Design Credo of Exeter

Motor Cycle News, Kevils feature, photographed by Andrew Butler

Motorcycle News Use Kevils photos photographed by Andrew Butler for Design Credo of Exeter. Is this the ultimate freebee or just stringing it all together?

OK, here’s the story. I like motorbikes, I like riding them and, I like photographing them. I could simplify this to ‘that’s what I do.’

I have already mentioned some of this here. No, the story I want to touch on is how all this online stuff can work.



  • I photograph a bike and post the images on the DesignCredo blog
  • Kevil’s link it to their Facebook page
  • My blog gets several hundred hits via Kevil’s Facebook within a day or two
  • Motorcycle News (MCN) call Kevil’s up with an idea for a feature
  • Editor of MCN phone me to ask to use the images (I assume this is someone joking with me)
  • MCN publishes Kevil’s feature (100,000 ABC circulation)
  • Facebook and blog get yet more hits
  • I found Kevils through eBay and Facebook
  • Kevil’s didn’t have to pay for this


Emprical Data Supports Hunch (shock-horror)

Sometimes it is hard to point to empirical data but WordPress in particular is great because the built in Stats allow us to see analyse traffic that has come to a site. We can see what posts get visited most and what sites people have been referred from (eg Facebook and Tumblr.) It has only been a couple of weeks since these photos have been posted but I can already see that there are quite a few links to the post from people’s sites including Tumblr and niche interest websites. The total number of hits to the Kevil’s post continues to rise daily.

Kevil’s have a product that people want. Design Credo take great bike photos. Between us we have made a bit of noise, for not a lot of effort.

Oh, and yes MCN are paying for the shots.


I posted this at 10:13, Tweeted to my account, posted it to Linkedin and Facebook. By 10:32 it had been re-tweeted in Wilkinson Grant’s Daily online news.

At DesignCredo we don’t just make websites or take photographs, we show you how to use them as tools to work for you.

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We have a new photography site featuring more motoring images here

God is in The Detail

Ferrari FF Knightsbridge

Ferrari FF Knightsbridge

Moto Guzzi Falcone

Moto Guzzi Falcone in the rain photographed by Andrew Butler

Moto Guzzi Falcone in the rain photographed by Andrew Butler


Wiscombe Park Hill-Climb

Wiscombe Park Hill-Climb, Devon photographed by Andrew Butler of Exeter’s Design Credo.

Hill climbs, a gentle sport. Food, chat, a bit of a nap and a bonkers blat up a hill, frequently in rather pleasant environs.

Today’s hill climb at Wiscombe Park, Devon, was cars only but, as ever, a motley collection; generally fairly old, all interesting, cars and drivers alike.

The more esoteric of lightweight Porsches, is that on original Quattro and what on earth is that all competing side by side.

There’s probably as many pictures of chaps eating sarnies here as chaps (and chapettes) flying up the hill and I’m not going to apologise for that.

As ever an Leica M9 moment.

We have a new photography site featuring more motoring images here

The Bicycle City Film: Vimeo

What happens to an impoverished developing nation town when you flood it with 20,000 bicycles? You lift three times that number of people out of poverty. Pedals for Progress and founder David Schweidenback have been shipping used American bicycles to Rivas, Nicaragua for the last two decades and the transformation has been incredible. More

This one is here via Caleb Butler and is posted for a number of reasons. I saw the post a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a great example how a simple initiative can really affect people’s lives. I love bikes, I love the mechanical efficiency of them, the design, the variety of uses that they can be put to. I have far, far too many of them in my garage.

But I am going to have a minor rant now. I recently tried to ride the local cycle path that goes from Topsham to Lympstone. Now, I have worked as a cycle courier in London, at that time we travelled the whole of London, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, and some strange ferry. I have never felt so endangered as when I tried to ride the cyclepath. I have put the details in a Boo Rantley, but in essence I find it hard not to believe that far from being welcomed and embraced as a valid means of transport cycling runs the risk of being marginalised by cyclepaths.

So to return to the video, a taster for a larger work, this filumn shows how the bicycle can be used to restore people’s livelihoods.

Berlin, Everyday’s Like a Sunday Here

bauhaus posters

One of the reasons I ride a motorbike is that I don’t like sitting in traffic, and when sat in traffic in Exeter I may well rant,

“if I am sat in traffic at least it could be because everyone’s going somewhere interesting!”

No such problem in Berlin, the argument falls over on both sides. It is difficult not to find somewhere interesting but if you are in traffic you are unlikely to get stuck: these roads are wide, really w-i-d-e. As a pedestrian it is wise to plan your journey across one well, there’s not a huge amount of traffic but you will need to cover ground at pace.

But these wide empty roads are one reason why it feels like everyday’s a Sunday here.

I like Cycling – but

Now I like cycling but I’m not sure about the Berlin cycling scene. I did go into a seriously cool little bike shop but, if I may refer briefly to the exhibit to the left, WTF?

There is an overland gas pipeline in Berlin, a rather jaunty pink affair, it travels throughout parts of the city, up and over roads, along the central reservation. What we are looking at here would seem to be a fairly close relation, indeed the lovechild of the gas line. This ‘bike’ is not so much a ‘step-through’, more a ‘trip-over.’

Part bike - part gas pipeline

Part bike - part pipeline

The cyclists here are seriously militant too. Once you have acclimatised to the semiotics of the cycleways (basically a tone or two darker than the host footpath) things aren’t too bad, but stray onto the dark grey stuff as a pedestrian at your own risk and when the bicycles are made out of gas pipeline they will hurt.

However these upright cyclists are well dressed, not in lycra and are another reason why every day feels like a Sunday in Berlin.
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