Great Google SEO Results For Nest Interiors

Exeter design company Design Credo is extremely pleased with the initial performance of the WordPress website that they have created on behalf of Topsham’s Nest interiors. The site has well and truly hit the ground running with large numbers of visitors already viewing the site on a daily basis.

The built-in capabilities of this WordPress site enable us to see that within days of going live the site is getting extremely good viewing figures. This is like having hundreds of extra people looking around the shop on a daily basis.

The website is based on the WordPress platform but has been designed to give a strong visual appeal. DesignCredo have undertaken photography for Nest Interiors to strengthen their existing stock of images. The site aims to capture and convey the rich visual appeal of the Nest Interiors shop.

Great SEO results

A great website is of little value unless it can be found. Of course searching on the company’s name puts it top but more relevant search strings such as ‘new + england + style + furniture + devon’ perform extremely well, less than a week from the site being live. Further to this simple search strings such as “Lexington + Devon” provide first page Google results with more detailed searches such as “Lexington + Chesapeake + Cushion” giving a position 1 on a worldwide Google search.

This is extremely important for a company selling quality brand items such as those from Lexington. Putting it simply Nest interiors although based in Topsham near Exeter in the South-West of England are able to create national and international interest.

Add to this the inclusion of PubSubHubbub technology to ensure almost immediate submission of website developments to Google and we have a very search engine friendly site.

However, this is just the start. Design Credo will use various collectable data to monitor where site-traffic comes from and will continue to develop content that will create a good hit with Google searches.

Advertising Commercial Office Space in Exeter

Turner-Locker Sign, Marsh Barton, Exeter

Turner-Locker Sign, Marsh Barton, Exeter

Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced new signage to advertise commercial office space in Marsh Barton, Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker the Exeter based commercial property agency, Design Credo have used a strong visual impact to promote the office space at Merriot House in Hennock Road Central.

The sign was created using both digital output and vinyl graphics allowing it to be re-purposed at a later date.

New Brand Design For Sarah Treble

Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have created a simple clean and minimal design for Sarah Treble the bespoke and couture wedding dress company now located in Devon.

Sarah was looking for a development of her existing look and wanted to avoid the overly ornate ‘Nuptial Script’ look. The brand needs to be applied in a number of ways ranging from small dress labels to websites, and Design Credo are already involved in the creation of the latter due to ‘go live’ in the coming weeks.

The new brand uses different weights of Helvetica Extended. However the simplicity of a look like this can hide the depth of the process. Many other typefaces were considered before Helvetica was selected. Once the typeface was chosen considered thought was given to he weights, spacing of letters, words and objects within the group as well as the colour.

Ultimately though this look can be considered as ‘less is more’, the brand should in no way interfere with the beautiful design of Sarah Treble’s wedding dresses.

Brochure Design for Renslade House (Exeter)

Renslade Brochure

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Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a new brochure design for the Podium @ Renslade House, the commercial office facility near Exe Bridges at the heart of Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker the Exeter based commercial property agency, Alder King and Urbina the project has so far included photography, branding and graphic design.

Renslade House offers a prime office location with excellent location and varied transport options. the building has benefitted from recent refurbishments and offers great possibilities for a wide range of organisations. Renslade House already has a number of high profile occupants.
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New Logo for PDM Design

PDM logo

Design Credo have recently developed a new logo for PDM Design, the Topsham (Exeter) based architects. Phil Domville-Musters asked us to develop his brand identity further as part of the preparation for his new blog website also currently being developed by us.

Often when asked to ‘breathe on’ an existing idea we find that there are frequently good elements in the customers’ ideas. Phil was keen to keep the existing colours, being a fan of things Italian such as his Ducati and his Colnago. The first task is to unite the existing elements of the idea, the parts all need to be ‘friends’ with each other.

Phil’s original idea used Baskerville and Verdana. We felt that Baskerville designed in 1757 would be better complimented by Helvetica, introduced a further two centuries later and, having just watched Helvetica (the film) at the DID event in Exeter I am more than happy that we are in good company. As with architecture there is a case for mixing the old and the new. In this case we have used the extended form of Helvetica to achieve a suitable balance. The word architecture serves to unite the two dominant forms without detracting from the overall shape or ‘bounding box’ of the device.

As with all logo-forms it is essential that they will can be used in a variety of applications. On paper, where white is the dominant colour PDM will use the version with the grey ‘design’ whereas for the website the word ‘design’ appears as white.

Keeping it simple with respect for typographical heritage makes all the difference.

Original PDM Logo

Original PDM Logo

Graphic design for print is still alive and kicking

Techserv Print

Graphic design for print is still alive and kicking even in the face of website design and marketing. Working from Exeter, Design Credo have been able to provide a rapid turnaround on a recent print and design job for Yorkshire based Techserv.
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