Nike: Just Doing It

It’s a while since we flagged up some great shop design but the Nike shop on Oxford Circus is worth a mention.

With strong design that includes 3D typography and sculptural installations this is an impressive shop.

What added to the experience was the staff, helpful polite. Often it seems that organisations forget that Brand is about so much more than a neat strap-line. Brands are complete holistic expressions, if your organisation is best expressed by a group of people huddled smoking by your front doorway then, well, good luck to you.

Further down the street we ventured into Hamley’s. I’m sorry, I’ve been there once before and it was the same experience repeated, where’s the magic? Hamley’s were well and truly rounded on prior to Christmas for their decision to put live penguins in the shop, much of this opposition was very public by people using social media, principally Twitter. People do care, people have opinions, and beware, people are increasingly empowered to express those opinions.

Anyway, well done Nike for your great and creative use of design.

Exeter’s Design Credo Creates New Logo for London’s Perfume River

Perfume River Logo
Exeter based Design Credo have created a new logo for London’s Perfume River. This logo will be applied over the coming months to their dress labelling and website which is currently being re-designed.

The online retailer of flower girl dresses approached Design Credo having seen the recent rebrand for Sarah Treble Couture now based in the South West. Ha Ngo of Perfume River said that she was impressed by both the crisp clean design of Sarah’s new brand as well as the new Sarah Treble WordPress based website designed by us.

The brief was to create a simple clean logo that expresses “wedding” simply and effectively. This logo will need to be applied across a range of media, from websites and print to stitched dress labels. In order to accommodate the latter, a simplified version of the logo has been created.

It was felt that the existing logo (below) wasn’t suitable for Perfume River’s planned future developments whereas the new design will support future developments

Old Perfume River Logo

Old Perfume River Logo

Welt aus Schrift – World as Words


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Welt aus Schrift – The 20th Century in Europe and the USA

At its heart, this exhibition, organized by the Art Library, explores the sign system formed by the many alphabet fonts used in Europe and the USA since 1890, and how that sign system was variously dissected and recreated over time in books, magazines, advertising, posters and printed matter of every kind. With more than 500 objects on display, visitors are granted a comprehensive insight into the linguistic diversity of graphic design.

Photos of the Welt aus Schrift posters outside the Kunstbibliothek, Berlin. An excellent exhibition focussing on European and American fonts and applied graphics.

Satisfying my love of Bauhaus it was great to see works and artefacts by Moholy-Nagy, Mies van der Rohe and of course Herbert Bayers’ Universal.

Whilst physically compact the exhibition covers a lot of ground with high walls covered. It would be great to see this exhibition travel.

Kulturforum Berlin

Kulturforum Berlin

Brochure Design & Print, From Exeter to Egypt

Techserv Brochure
If you are a designer there is nothing quite like getting a bit of litho print back from the printers, whether it is a folder, an A4 brochure or a company report. It is pleasing to have designed a brochure for Yorkshire based Techserv that is delivered on time, on budget and going straight out to Egypt for an exhibition.

Many thanks to Brightsea in Exeter for a good job delivered on time. I mentioned earlier my respect for printers and their necessary investment particularly in the current economic climate.

The brochure is part of an ongoing project that includes web-design, a new WordPress blog and development of Techserv’s online and social marketing.

You can view a low resolution PDF of the brochure artwork here.

Brown Fox, Crazy Dogs, Full Stop

Aldus Darwin

Aldus Darwin

I haven’t always been a designer or a photographer: I was once even the milkman of human kindness. Well I was a milkman anyway.

A Full Stop, Literally

My first encounter with the world of digital design and Macs was as a courier in West Yorkshire in the early ’90s. At that time Apple was moving in on the old world of typesetters who used to output galleys of text via steam driven phototypesetters to waiting grubby couriers (AKA me). This was the cutting edge era when whole evenings could be wasted by the technologically bewildered trying in vain to get the final full-stop to output onto the sheet. I think on one ‘full stop’ occasion I dared to ask “hasn’t anyone got a suitable Rotring?” The suggestion was not well received.

These were dangerous times too, the grubby courier (AKA me) would fly off through the rain sodden streets of Yorkshire to the waiting printer, and, at the doorstep would release the sheet of type into the evening rain. The type of course then revealing it’s Darwinian lineage with buttered toast would land face down in the mud. The grubby courier (AKA me) would do the only reasonable thing, wipe the sheet, get the signature, and fly.

He flew like only text unfettered by punctuation could fly.

Hail Pagemaker

The Darwinian fittest survive and fit for purpose in the ’90s meant willingness to move on from phototypesetting machines to the world of the Mac.

Quadra and Centris were the hallowed names, along with Aldus. No not the15th-century Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, we are talking about Aldus PageMaker the Desk Top Publishing package, which along with Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop packages meant that design, and publishing were ready to move fully from the artboard on to the computer and the computer of choice was the mac. Let’s not forget Quark, introduced in 1987 and rising to a 90% market share in the ’90s ultimately to be met head on by InDesign. I don’t like Quark but long may it survive, the competition is what has made InDesign such a really good programme.

(I overheard someone mention DTP recently, I thought ‘how quaint?’)

Nowadays a complete design studio can be bought for around five grand, (me old china) and I think it’s a bit of a snip. You can pick up an iMac Quad core £1650, Adobe® CS5 £1800 and still have enough for a pretty useful DSLR, in fact you should be able to get a full frame Nikon if you shop well.

Yes I know one can mooch over the details and the list might be longer but this will cover most bases and when I look back to an era where the same amount of money got me a van or a motorbike for the despatch business I think we are getting a lot of stuff for our bucks.

The bottom line though is what we do with it.
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Exeter’s Design Credo, Advertising Commercial Property

Exeter based Design Credo continue to add to their property folio with advertising signs for companies including Turner Locker, Alder King and Urbina.

Renslade House

As part of the continuing marketing of commercial offices at Renslade House, Design Credo have recently created two new road-side signs. These signs are designed as part of a project which includes architectural photography, a 4pp brochure, advertising mailers and a new mini-site.

Turner Locker

In addition to this, on behalf of Exeter’s commercial property agency Turner Locker, signage has recently been erected at a newly refurbished property in Exeter’s Princesshay area. The building provides quality office accommodation in Cathedral Close and benefits from great access to both the traditional and the new developments in Exeter.

These signs are designed to be altered should needs change. As such the backgrounds benefit from design opportunities offered by modern inkjet technology, whereas much of the detail text is applied as traditional vinyl lettering that can be altered at minimal cost to the clients.