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Commercial Property Brochure Design: Park 5, Exeter

Park5 Commercial Property Brochure
Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a new brochure design for Park5, the commercial office facility near the M5 Junction 30, the gateway to Exeter.

Working alongside Tiger Developments, Alder King and Haarer Goss, the project has so far included photography, graphic design and website design.

Park 5 offers superb out of town office location. The modern office suites offer superb access to a range of transport options, local commerce and an increasing range of high quality local facilities.


Initially Design Credo photographed the building exterior, recent refurbishments and common facilities.

Supporting photography was commissioned to add focus to the excellent location of Park5, particularly to rail and air networks as well as quality local out of town facilities.


Due to the needs of this kind of commission large print runs are not necessary and would be both unnecessarily costly and environmentally inconsiderate. This brochure has been designed as an A4 four page folder. However the most likely delivery mode is digital, either as an email attachment or as a download link from a website. A second version of the folder has been created for online use.
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Brochure Design & Print, From Exeter to Egypt

Techserv Brochure
If you are a designer there is nothing quite like getting a bit of litho print back from the printers, whether it is a folder, an A4 brochure or a company report. It is pleasing to have designed a brochure for Yorkshire based Techserv that is delivered on time, on budget and going straight out to Egypt for an exhibition.

Many thanks to Brightsea in Exeter for a good job delivered on time. I mentioned earlier my respect for printers and their necessary investment particularly in the current economic climate.

The brochure is part of an ongoing project that includes web-design, a new WordPress blog and development of Techserv’s online and social marketing.

You can view a low resolution PDF of the brochure artwork here.

Brochure Design for Renslade House (Exeter)

Renslade Brochure

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Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a new brochure design for the Podium @ Renslade House, the commercial office facility near Exe Bridges at the heart of Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker the Exeter based commercial property agency, Alder King and Urbina the project has so far included photography, branding and graphic design.

Renslade House offers a prime office location with excellent location and varied transport options. the building has benefitted from recent refurbishments and offers great possibilities for a wide range of organisations. Renslade House already has a number of high profile occupants.
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