The Obsession’s in the Chasing and not the Apprehending

There is little point to creating a website that people aren’t going to read and people need to find the site is there?
Old AltaVista Logo

I remember quite some time ago (more than a decade), a slightly geeky friend (even slightly is overly) tried to explain how exciting HTML was and also kept on about how great Alta Vista was; Yahoo too. It all sounded bollocks to me, total and utter. I do remember thinking that Alta Vista seemed a strange brand, I couldn’t really hook into it, the imagery the name, it sounded like some sort of 40′s film studio that made westerns and I never really liked westerns apart from those odd ones where the likes of Bardot, Loren or Lollobrigida appeared. Anyway I now see the friend as often as I use Alta Vista. However I have just spent a few minutes using Google to see if I could find an image of Bardot, Loren and Lollobrigida to liven up this ramble. As Tom Waits said;
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Computer Feed

Having just read an RSS feed about designing daily I am feeling a little pressured to at least write something here. The simple truth is that Christmas is the mother of all time thieves and there is only so much time. As I said the simple truth is…

It is a great suggestion, design something daily. When I first started ‘designing’ I used to make up projects as a way of developing skills. The bottom line is that I like designing, and taking photographs, and playing the guitar, and learning, (the list could continue). The reality is that the guitar hasn’t been picked up for a while and I have just taken the bicycle wheel to be sorted but although I am (rather sporadically) trying to maintain a swimming regime I couldn’t honestly say that I couldn’t squeeze a bit more in.
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Statistics understand how the search engines work your website will work better

One of the more socially unacceptable things that I have ever done was be interested in stats. I did a degree in psychology and found that I was (unfashionably) reasonably good at the advanced research methods. I liked statistics, the normal distribution still holds a fascination for me. So, I enjoy the understanding that can be gleaned from ‘stats’. I too share Dara_O’Brien’s concern for poorly communicated and reported statistics. However I enjoy looking and trying to understand, even though there may be an uncomfortable truth to be found.

Andrew Butler is a surprisingly common name, there are a lot of us about. In the UK there are a number of Andrew Butlers who are involved in different forms of photography. There is another, called Andrew Butler, who runs is a company of Chartered Surveyors in the Midlands. I know because he has the domain, I wanted it. He also has the .com, but not the .net (I have that).
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Energy seems to have totally left me to be replaced by “full body ache”.

I came close to getting a little Mac Mini earlier today but backed out. it was a neat little old thing and probably would have done the job. All I need is something to work as an FTP server which to be honest I don’t really need. The old Digital Audio is doing the job but is annoyingly noisy. The Mini came with some potentially useful little bits, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse etc. Anyway it didn’t happen.

A friend phoned up out of the blue with a PC failure. I don’t really ‘do’ PC’s but fortunately her’s seemed to  be on the way to rewinding itself to the point when  it went naughty on her. If only all life were as easy.

I seem to be suffering a bit of a more you know – less you know moment.

(Yesterday has turned into today, soon to be tomorrow).
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Digital Print

A big thanks to Exe Valley Dataset. Even in this day of  digital speed I still get impressed. Christmas is always a time for prevarication for me, some may say my life is. I designed my company Christmas card weeks ago but was uncertain whether to get the print done.

Anyway a quick hit of the InDesign PDF button and the job was ready and sent via email at 12.39.

At 15.25 I received a further email to say that the print was ready, and you know it is rather good. A simple enough job, but with a large solid festive red that did alarm the printer. Even coverage though, nice 350gsm board, looks pukka.

All this isn’t rocket science of course but, sometimes I like to enjoy the ‘wow’ moment of it all working. This is probably another one for the ‘What Would Grandpa Make of This?’ test, I don’t know.

Now the difficult bit, signing and sending…

On Macs

The Grandpa Test is one that is often of use, what would Grandpa make of it?. I remember my parents’ frustration having given my grandparents a Moulinex mixer that sat for ever in its cover. So as we sit typing into our macs I wonder what Grandpa would have said, two World Wars and all.

A pleasant chat with the local Community Fake Police Support Officer Lady (stern but fair), this evening. My son has been digging a BMX track out of the banking in the car park of the local village hall. He stands accused of removing mud from the hall and taking it in a wheelbarrow down the lane to the local cricket pitch, where there is another BMX creation. He was struggling to hide his disdain for the suggestion that he would be so stupid as to transport wheelbarrow loads of mud 400 meters or so for the fun of it. Ah, the fun of the small village.

Granny (a short, one legged Scot) made great steamed dumplings though. I am not aware that they got any better or worse for the lack of intervention of the Moulinex. Scraping the mixing bowl, peeling the muslin, like a big haggis but fun.