Hazelwood Holiday Park Brochure Print


OK, let’s cut to the chase, I love getting print back from the printers. Yes, it still feels like getting my exam results but I love it. Currently the office reeks of print and to me at least that is great news.

Design Credo have up-dated the annual brochure for Hazelwood Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren, South Devon. This latest brochure is part of a wider project for Hazelwood, we previously reported on the updating of their logo and brand. This brochure implements the updated logo and branding, at the same time the copy has been re-written by Samantha Shaw.
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Online Virtual Shopping Using QR Codes


Could this come to Exeter? Well you can already download your timetable via QR codes at the train station so why not a bit of QR shopping too?

An interesting solution to a set of needs (both the customer’s and the company’s.) How easy is it to expand your outlets with some well placed posters.

Offices to Rent in Exeter? Let’s Advertise Then

Park5 QR Sign
So, you have offices to rent, Exeter is your location and you need to let people know about it.

Design Credo are offering an integrated approach to help you market your commercial property including a mini-website, brochure work, and signage.

Alder King and Haarer Goss, joint agents for Tiger Developments have commissioned Exeter based Design Credo to help market their offices to rent in Exeter’s Park5 office campus on the edge of the Sowton Industrial Estate.

Exeter Commercial Property QR CodeThis work has now been re-inforced by on street signage and a 40′ billboard on the Sowton services roundabout. The billboard focusses on one of the great selling points of Park5, its superb location, by asking the question, why would anyone choose to sit in rush-hour traffic?

Integrating the various marketing aids the billboard and signage feature QR codes leading to the website, which ultimately links to the joint agent’s websites as well as the sales brochure.

The thrust of the approach is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get quality information as quickly as possible, QR codes are just one part of the picture but an important link between very different media.

QR Codes: Paper Based Hyperlinks?

Design Credo of exeter QR Code

At Design Credo we are increasingly incorporating QR codes into our output. Recently we have applied them to press display advertising as well as street and billboard signs. Much of our QR code use is for commercial property agents in and around Exeter and Devon.

The good news is it’s working, people are scanning the codes across all platforms including Android, Apple and Blackberry. We know this because when we generate a code we incorporate a degree of tracking which allows us to see when the code has been scanned. So far iPhone users seem to have been the early up-takers followed by Android and then Blackberry devices.

How Do I Scan The Things?

One of my favourite phones is my old Nokia e71. This was a great example of what Nokia did really well, good, robust working communication tools, and bundled with it was a barcode reader that read QR codes, a form of barcode.

Hang on there, I hear you say, my phone doesn’t seem to want to scan the codes. Maybe not but the good news is that we can soon sort that out for free!

Nowadays I use an HTC Sensation and it is a couple of minute’s work to get a code reader installed on this Android based phone. Simply click on the market icon and either search for QR or check out the likes of i-nigma or Quick Mark. Like I-nigma Neoreader is a reader that is recommended for all of the major smart-phone platforms.

Whilst I-nigma’s is possibly a little slicker I prefer the using Quick Mark, the ability of the interface to switch from landscape to portrait sells it for me. The bottom line though is that there are plenty of good ones out there for free so play around, find which is best for you.

QR Codes for Exeter’s Commercial Property Market

Exeter’s commercial property specialists Turner Locker are leading the way by embracing the smartphone era with the inclusion of QR codes in their advertising and signage.

Although a now mature technology the West has been a bit slow on the uptake of QR codes (see below). However large brands such as Calvin Klein have used the technology to great effect. Further to this in the States many property companies have seen the value of the technology in particular as an extension of their street signage. It is said that Japan shows a 95% uptake in the technology.

QR Codes for the Property Market

Design Credo have extensive experience of working for commercial property companies in Devon and believe that QR codes are a great way to develop an integrated approach to marketing properties. We have recently created mini-sites for larger commercial property promotion. Generally these sites will sit alongside traditional marketing approaches such as brochures and billboards. It seems silly not to lead an audience straight to the website.

Many relatively simple smart phones such as the Nokia e71 will scan QR codes straight out of the box with their built-in barcode reader. Other platforms such as Apple and Android may need a simple free app to scan the codes. Once enabled phones can be pointed at a code, which is then scanned enabling further details to be accessed directly on the phone. These details can range from direct access to a web page or Facebook page to a download of a PDF brochure or a vCard.
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Commercial Property Location Photography & Brochure Design

Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a commercial office brochure design for the Forum in central Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker Exeter’s commercial property agency, the project has so far included photography, graphic design and print management.

The Forum offers a prime office location in central Exeter with excellent local facilities and close proximity to the Princesshay shopping facility

Property Photography

All aspects of the building were photographed by Design Credo including interior and exterior photography.
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