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Beyond SEO: 10 Essential Questions

SEO is seen as the panacea to all of our business woes and everyone is an SEO expert. Well it is undoubtedly important but in the real world SEO is only part of recipe for online success.

Below are 10 questions to ask yourself if you are trying to communicate or sell services via a the internet.

  1. Is the internet text or image based?

    If you think the internet is driven by images you had better listen to Stephen Fry (from about the 1hr point will do). It’s absolutely essential to understand that words are the key to internet searches.

  2. Does your page source code have;

    1. < title >A Keyword Rich Descriptive Page Title< /title >
    2. < meta name=”description” content=”The snippet that Google probably displays and makes people want to click through on your site-link rather than other people’s”>
    3. < h1>A keyword rich and descriptive main heading< /h1 >
    4. < p >A keyword rich first bit of body content that is both high up the page code and matches the words found is the above.< /p >

    It’s amazing how many websites don’t have these basic SEO needs. They should be different for each page.

  3. Did you know that Google doesn’t look at meta tag keywords (hidden in code) any more?

    In the past keywords were placed in the page code. These keywords were picked up by search engines but this lead quickly to keyword spamming or stuffing so Google don’t use them

  4. What’s your bounce rate?

    You’ve got people to your site, wouldn’t it be nice if they stayed a while rather than bounce straight back out?

  5. Are you sure about what are you selling?

    It is amazing the number of people who ask for a website to be designed but can’t answer this question.

  6. Do you have a niche?

    There is an advert for VW at the moment, ‘it’s like a Golf’. There is no point in presenting yourself as what is already there, no point. Find an angle that is unique to you. Life is so much easier if you are selling a niche product or service rather than pitching against the masses.

  7. Why are you interesting?

    Are we human? Yes we are and we will have interesting and valid tales to tell about our businesses. This is what will ultimately engage and interest people.

  8. Is there an emotional appeal?

    Try to find something that will appeal to people’s emotions. There is an old advertising adage; sell the sizzle not the sausage. Imagine a cooked sausage on the end of a fork, now imagine a raw sausage. Both mental images will inspire some sort of feelings but not necessarily the same.

  9. Are you spreading the story?

    There is a great box of tools out there to help you spread the word. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or WordPress your online communication will prosper better if it is shared as a dialogue.

  10. Why would anyone return to your site?

    So you’ve spent all this money on your site, your SEO has worked, and people have arrived at your site. Wouldn’t it be good to give them a reason to return? Change, regularly: news, updates, new products, new services. Keep on Movin On

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