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Arts Award Logo by Design Credo Exeter

Arts Award Logo

It’s important to ‘put your best foot forward’ whether you are a small local organisation in Devon or Arts Council England.

It’s great to see an organisation such as the Arts Award embracing Twitter. Although Twitter typically appeals to an older demographic than the target audience of the Young People’s Arts Award it is still an excellent avenue to extend marketing range.

However Exeter’s Design Credo noticed that the Arts Award logo wasn’t looking too good on their Twitter page, the logo looked dull and flat, worse still when it had been uploaded part of it had been clipped. This was a concern because DesignCredo had designed it and had a professional investment in ensuring the logo appeared as it had been designed to look.

It didn’t take too much time to re-draw it and submit a Twitter friendly version and now things are looking as they should. If you are trying to upload images that have been designed it is a good idea to check with your graphic designer for advice. It isn’t rocket science but it is easy to get wrong.

You will probably find that the designer will be more than willing to help, after all, we have an investment in seeing our work presented as it was intended.

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