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Arts Award (Arts Council England) Dance and Performance Photography

Arts Award (Arts Council England) dance and performance photographed by Andrew Butler.

An awfully long time ago I had the pleasure to work with Arts Council England designing the original brand for the Arts Award. The project started around 2002 (ouch) and I’m pleased to see that much of the original work and look seems to have passed the test of time.

As part of the project I travelled around various locations in the country photographing young people involved in Arts Award projects. The photographs here are from two events, one in Bradford, West Yorkshire and one in Newquay, Cornwall.

I’m actually doing a bit of computer housekeeping at the moment, pulling everything together and getting a double level backup system in place, which is why I came across them.

They were shot in what for me was the early days of digital on a first generation Nikon at ISO 1600 hand-held, no flash and many around 1/15sec or slower. I’ve always loved working at these speeds, there is a challenge to it and an unprdictability.

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