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Ain’t Free WiFi Great?

Cappuccino, another thing that wouldn’t pass the Grandpa test; tea certainly, coffee if you were a bit racy, but cappuccino no way. There are three good cappuccinos to he had in Exeter, Lutzy’s (Portuguese not Italian), Espresso. The Boston Tea Party and the latter is where I am, surrounded by people, a surprising number of whom are working, many on WiFi enabled laptops.

Across the way is a man who I spoke with the other day when we shared a table, he had a number of books about adult learning and psychology and said that he enjoyed working amongst people.

Many years ago when people first started talking about the ‘computer revolution’ there was a suggestion that everyone would work from home and would not need to leave the house. Well, that hasn’t quite happened but, for those of us who can work in such a way, can I suggest that whilst this has it’s benefits frequently it sucks. People need people, not all he time but people need people.

So back to the café.

Group Working

Exeter Boston Tea Party has a large room and a range of people. On my table there is a Spanish speaking man with a large MacBook Pro open, he has two friends on the next table one with a white MacBook and one with a Compaq and a small dog, shall we call it two dogs then? The man would appear to be Gustavo Duarte, I have just inadvertently tried to Bluetooth him.

Psychological learning man has just smiled a satisfied smile at his laptop and is now typing something into an HTC type phone whilst preparing to leave. I suggested to him recently that it might be an interesting project to record the output of the endeavours in this room. The last time I was here I managed to get the collapse/expand boxes working on this website.

It’s not all techie stuff though, there are people with pens, books, folders or just plain discussion.

I’m sure there are many councils around the country that have tremendous startup initiatives for small businesses, with easy in – easy out terms for office space. However there has to be a case for a large room full of rickety tables and chairs and free public WiFi.

Strangely I am not aware that the local mediaish centre has WiFi, it’s not overly receptive to children either.

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