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Exeter based Design Credo have a long history of creating logos for a range of organisations and businesses throughout the UK. A good logo is a powerful visual expression of the organisation and its activities. Logos need to fulfil basic requirements [list style="check" color="red"]

[/list] At Design Credo we understand that a logo needs to be easy to use. Part of the design process includes a thorough evaluation of all possible uses of the design. There is no point in creating something that is impossible to use in the real world. We understand that the logo needs to ‘fit’ with the ethos of the organisation.

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[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="right"]Andrew, thank you so very much for the wonderful job that you’ve done on re-designing Perfume River’s logo, it works beautifully on our new website. Thank you again. Ha Ngo: Perfume River, London[/blockquote]